Confidence In Prayer

Are you tired of praying and not getting results in your prayer life? If so, you probably need to examine your confidence level in this area. A lack of confidence in prayer simply comes from not knowing God's Word. Too many Christians pray emotional, fear-based prayers, hoping that they get through to God... read on

Path for Spiritual Living

AIM2040 International Teaching Ministries offers an opportunity for a life of ultimate abundance. A Positive Path for Spiritual Living Faith means facing hard questions. Is Jesus Christ the only way to God? Why does God allow suffering and evil? Are miracles possible? These questions need solid answers... read on

The Need For Divine Change

Multitudes are without God, without Christ, without hope in the world. That is the way Paul speaks of them. That distinction is there throughout the Bible - not just here - but here the Holy Spirit directs the apostle to focus on this distinction. Those who are in the flesh: that is who are unregenerate, who are not born of God, who not in Christ... read on