Understanding the unique meaning of the Bread and of the Cup

February 27, 2009

The Lord's Supper.

  Understanding the unique meaning of the
bread and of the cup in the Lord's Supper


The bread and cup of the Lord’s Supper are clearly the two most ingenious symbols the world has ever known.  These two symbols have unique, definite meanings that literally summarise the entire Christian life.

They summarise the whole Bible, both Old and New Testament.  In a general sort of way, the bread represents half of the Bible while the cup represents the other half.  Every scripture pertaining to our walk with the Lord can be seen as relating to the bread, or the cup, or usually both. 

These two elements are a "theological" masterpiece.  Unfortunately, this masterpiece as been marred and distorted.  Much of its meaning has been lost.

 I am sure that the reader will be amazed to see how much the bread and cup stand for.  That the Christian life and the entire counsel of scripture can be summed up and encapsulated by two symbols is something to behold.

A correct understanding of the bread and the cup will keep the believer doctrinally sound and balanced.  It will keep him or her spiritually on track and in communion with the Lord. Churches, ministries and people will be measured, corrected and helped by the true meaning of the elements.   The believer will begin to walk in the authority, power and glory that Jesus Christ intended for him. For your own sake, slow down and take the time to get a clear understanding of His body and His blood.