July 21, 2017

Women may initially be distressed by the fact that Proverbs seems to emphasize the need for a young man to give thought to his choice of a wife, but gives no counsel to the woman about her choice of godly husband. But this is to be expected of a king who is teaching his sons about the decisions they must make in the next few years of their life. We shall also see that Proverbs has much to teach young women about the kind of man they should marry.


June 24, 2011

The most ultimate thing to see in the Bible about marriage is that it exists for God’s glory. Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. It is designed by God to display His glory in a way that no other event or institution is. The fact that we live in a society that can even conceive of—let alone defend—two men or two women entering a relationship and calling it marriage, shows anarchy...

Are there any biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage?

February 10, 2009

While the Scriptures take the marriage covenant very seriously, they permit divorce and remarriage in some situations. To learn exactly what these circumstances are, we will begin with the Old Testament regulations of divorce and remarriage. Then we will consider the words of Jesus on this subject. And finally, we will look at the instructions given by the apostle Paul.


February 7, 2009

What was once labelled infidelity and carried a stigma, is now an affair, a nice-sounding, almost inviting word wrapped in mystery and excitement, a relationship not a sin. What was once a secret closely guarded, is now a bling thing…headlines, a TV theme, a bestseller, as common as the cold’. One song goes, ‘I don’t care what’s right or wrong…Just help me make it through.

Husbands who love like Christ and the Wives who submit to them

January 11, 2009

Now why is the coming together of a man and woman to form one flesh in marriage a mystery? Marriage is like a metaphor or an image or a picture or parable that stands for something more than a man and a woman becoming one flesh. It stands for the relationship between Christ and the church.

Talk to Me The Story of Isaac and Rebekah

December 22, 2008

God promised Abraham he would be the father of a great nation. In order to enjoy that privileged position, he obviously had to have a son, and we have traced the struggles of faith that finally brought Abraham and Sarah their son. His birth was the highlight of their eventful and exciting walk with God. What happiness Isaac brought to their home!


February 7, 2009

Some Pharisees came to Jesus to test him about his views of marriage and the law. They ask if it is lawful for a man to divorce his wife. Moses' teaching on divorce permitted divorce if a man would not be cavalier about it but would write a certificate of divorce. Jesus responds with words that seem to imply:something greater than Moses is here, and changes are in the ...

Two to Get Ready The Story of Boaz and Ruth

February 7, 2009

The first thing that strikes us about these two whom God brought together by His grace is their spiritual preparation. Through their testimony, this young Moabite named Ruth turned from worshiping Chemosh, the God of the Moabites, with all the abominable practices associated with his worship, and put her trust in the one true and living God.

Divorce Pain

October 26, 2008

Divorce is never easy. It is a painful, heart-breaking experience for everyone involved. Families are torn apart, leaving confused, angry, and hurting children. No one "wins" in divorce. When you first begin to go through a divorce, your main thought is survival. You want to "just get through" the excruciating pain and keep up with life.

The Makings of a Christian Marriage

October 26, 2008

Our culture shapes our thinking and conduct regarding marriage to an incredible degree. Culture does play a very significant role in our attitudes and actions regarding marriage. The Christian must not be shaped by his culture, but by the cross of Christ, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God:

The Qualities Of A Godly Mate

October 25, 2008

Many of the marriages in the Bible are less than ideal. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, has always struck me as being cranky and bossy. Job’s wife offered little comfort in the midst of his trials. In fact, it might have been considered a blessing for her to have been taken in one of the disasters that wiped out his children and his flocks.

Marriage, Abortion and Divorce

October 7, 2008

The Bible is very clear on all points which relate to marriage. In the wisdom and plan of Almighty God the marriage relationship between man and woman was provided. After God had created the earth and prepared it in every way to be suitable to man, He said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him” (Gen. 2

Marital Abuse

October 3, 2008

The subject of marital cruelty opens a Pandora’s box of questions. If we allow separation, and open the door to divorce, how many marriages will be lost? How can we know that a woman is not looking for an excuse out of an unhappy marriage? These questions, do not keep the God of the Bible from responding to the possibility of real marital cruelty.

Respect...Marriage...Be Faithful To Your Partner

September 20, 2008

Cheating is viewed as exciting; those who remain as faithful are seen as unenlightened or old-fashioned. Well, it is time to call a spade a spade! The Bible says " faithful to your partner, because God will punish anyone who is ..unfaithful...' That is a sobering word! So before you go down that road, remember it well.

Let Marriage Be Held In Honour Among All

September 20, 2008

The Bible is telling us: Let marriage always be thought of as precious. Let it be treasured like gold and silver and rare jewels. Let it be revered and respected like the noblest, most virtuous person you have ever known. In God's eyes marriage is precious and therefore he says, "Let marriage be held in honour among all."

Undying Love - The Story Of Hosea and Gomer

September 19, 2008

How many times should a husband or wife forgive? Some contend, "If I keep forgiving I simply affirm him in his pattern of sin." Or "If I keep forgiving, she'll think she can get away with anything she wants." Others say, "If I keep forgiving, it's like putting my seal of approval on his or her behaviour." Or "I can't take another hurt like that.

Staying Married Is Not About Staying In Love

September 4, 2008

There never has been a generation whose view of marriage is high enough. The chasm between the biblical vision of marriage and the human vision is, and has always been, gigantic. Some cultures in history respect the importance and the permanence of marriage more than others.

What Every Husband Needs to Know

August 8, 2008

There is a book in circulation entitled What Men Know About Women. Its pages are all blank! We have often heard some frustrated male sigh, “I’ll never be able to understand women.” Yet the Apostle Peter said, “Ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge.”(1 Peter 3:7, KJV).

What Every Wife Needs to Know

August 8, 2008

The primary responsibility of the husband in a Christian home is to love his wife. This is mentioned a number of times in the Bible. In one passage of Scripture, however, wives are commanded to love their husbands (Titus 2:4).

For Such a Time as This - The Story of Ahasuerus and Esther

August 13, 2008

The situations in our lives are not always to our liking: the places we must live, the people we must associate with, or the problems we encounter. And these things may not always be our fault. We may have been the victims of circumstances, or we may have made decisions which we thought were right but which have not worked out as we expected.

Be Honest - The Story of Ananias and Sapphira

August 13, 2008

"We have each other, and that is all that matters," the love-struck couple boasted shortly after their wedding. But they were to find that it can never be so. No Christian husband and wife can be an island to themselves.

Solving Marital Conflicts

August 8, 2008

No matter how well we are communicating with our marriage partners, there are bound to be some areas of disagreement. I have heard some couples claim that they never had a difference of opinion during all their married life.

Do You Trust Me? - The Story of Joseph and Mary

August 13, 2008

The most momentous events of all human history were to involve the people associated with that humble carpenter shop in Nazareth.