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AIM2040 International Teaching Ministries offers an opportunity for a life of ultimate abundance. ~ A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

The Cross

Does life sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, worn out, and empty? Do you want to grow closer to God, but just don't know how? The good news is God has a plan to give you a more abundant life. More than anything, you can be spiritually strong. This practical, inductive study of truths and promises from God's Word will build your spiritual muscles.

Faith means facing hard questions. Is Jesus Christ the only way to God? Why does God allow suffering and evil? Are miracles possible? These questions need solid answers. These studies are based on a book used by over a million people, and courses are conducted by Apostle Stephen Len Homer who will guide you to scriptures to find a reasonable response to the toughest challenges you face - the keys to becoming a mature disciple. The studies will take you through key scripture passages and help you to apply biblical truths to your life.

A Call To Discipleship Conducted by Apostle Stephen Len Homer


This study explores Jesus' requirements of those who want to be his disciples. Selected passages address the life of discipleship under the lordship of Jesus Christ. Studies discuss principles of discipleship, and show how New Testament personalities demonstrate the characteristics of discipleship. In total, the study explores ways to become a true follower of Jesus, by identifying with his character, attitudes, and priorities, and by drawing on his resources. Each study features built-in character, topical, or core studies leadership helps and a flexible format you can use in all kinds of settings, so you are bound to discover something just right for your group.

True Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus Conducted by Apostle Stephen Len Homer

Following Jesus

If we truly believe Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also our Saviour and Lord, it is reasonable for others to expect to see proof of our commitment to Him in the way we live. That evidence is what biblically-minded Christians call discipleship. "Discipleship is faith expressed in real life, every day, in every way," says noted tutor and lifelong disciple Apostle Stephen Len Homer. But there is more to it than merely watching your language as you go about doing your daily chores or dropping a few dollars in a charity donation box. Discipleship implies a living relationship with the Christ we love, serve, and seek to imitate. For most of us there is room in this relationship for considerable improvement. If improvement is your goal, Apostle Homer will take you on an incredible journey. This contemplative and practical teaching, along with its separate companion guide, will help you find the tools you need to deepen your commitment to Christ.

Walking in Power, Love, and Discipleship (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) Conducted by Apostle Stephen Len Homer


Discover what God expects of believers in all areas of life including faith, deeds, morality, leadership, and attitude. Challenge yourself to walk in power, love, and discipline as outlined in these powerful books of the New Testament. This exciting inductive study series brings participants face-to face with the truth of God's precepts, promises, and purposes--in just minutes a day.


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About Our Devoted Tutor

Apostle Stephen Len Homer

Apostle Stephen Len Homer

Apostle Homer has been an ordained Minister for over 15 years and has lectured and taught in various Seminaries internationally. He has planted and propagated several Ministries and branch churches throughout the USA, UK, Europe and the African continent. He is currently the ArchDean to the International Council for the Clergy.

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