Trinity Home Foundation

The late mrs merlyn homer

The Late Mrs Merlyn Homer Co-Founder Trinity Home Foundation.

The Trinity Home Foundation is a rehabilitation centre for street children, orphans and deprived children in Tutu-Akwapin, Accra-North, Ghana - West Africa. Miss Sophia Nana Asare approached (the late) Mrs Merlyn Homer and made a request for her to sponsor a child in Ghana.

Merlyn felt that sponsoring a child was not enough to abate the existing situation she encountered, which broke her heart having been working with and caring for children, so she counselled and encouraged Miss Asare into launching the project for a shelter, within weeks this dream became a reality and the Trinity Home Foundation was born in September 2004.

Trinity home foundation All of the children at Trinity Home Foundation are poverty stricken. The children usually come to the home through the request of family members who place them there because lack of resources to take care of them or abandonment. The home provides them with a place of security and love. It currently accommodates 40 children, 22 that live in the facility and 18 that the foundation cares for outside the facility.

Pastor sophia nana asare - founder Currently, 32 children are attending public school, that range from primary to junior secondary. The remaining 8 children are soon to be placed in day care at the foundation. One of the foundation's goal is to acquire their own building/property and establish a secure and permanent school along with health care facilities. In doing this, the children can be kept under close supervision and in a safe environment.

Recently some land have been donated by a local chief on which to build. The major concern of the foundation is being able feed all of the children daily. This can be accomplished by your monetary donations of £5 each month which is less than 20 pence daily. Donations towards building and running cost is greatly appreciated.

Anyone requesting further information or regarding budget, or project maintenance, e.g. . feeding, rent, school fees, beds and mattresses,clothing, medical supplies etc. we shall be delighted to accommodate you with the information. May God richly bless you for any donations and assistance towards this divine project of "Rescuing the Perishing".